Looking to My Future: Librarian Blogs

As I take more and more grad classes, I find myself spending more and more time looking at librarian blogs. I haven’t fully begun to understand the benefits of these blogs, and I don’t think I will fully understand the benefit until I am a library media specialist. I believe that they work kind of like the teach blogs I reviewed earlier in the week. I’ll gather ideas about books, technology, and new ways to connect with my school and my students. However, while teacher blogs are meant to inspire and connect with other teachers, It seems like library blogs try to connect with other librarians, and teachers, AND (sometimes) students. These blogs are so diverse, and sometimes it can make traversing them a bit difficult. Here’s a few that I like:


I love to read! In the summer months I’m glued to my books, and a lot of times they’re YA, Young Adult, books. Teen Librarian Toolbox is a dangerous site for YA book lovers like me. They review new YA books, and connect many of their posts to books with similar topics. The site was created by Karen Jensen, but is authored by four different library media specialists including Karen Jensen. The site is published through the School Library Journal and they frequently have guest bloggers post to the site. It’s a professional development blog, so their ideas are geared towards other librarians, and they have some pretty cool ideas. (Oh, and they’re not just for librarians that work with high school students, middle school is included too!) Recently Karen Jensen has been on a zombie kick as she awaits the season finale of Walking Dead. Her initial post “Zombie Love: Why Are Zombie Things So Popular? (A guest post by Geri Diorio)” was a catalyst for many more posts about zombies throughout the week. The site is fun and thoughtful, and in no way pretentious, which is why I was initially drawn to the website. But the site has so much more to offer than simply book reviews; they review technology and provide advice for working with teenagers. Karen Jensen’s post, “Tech Review: Online Creation Tools Piktochart and Canva,” is really helpful! I am all about making posters for my classroom, and I know I’ll utilize this tool when I become a librarian too! If you check out any of these three sites, this is the site to look at!


The Mighty Little Librarian is Tiffany Whitehead, a middle school librarian in Louisiana. Just like the last blog, this is a professional development site but she does showcase her students which probably draws a local crowd to her blog. Her blog is fun to look at and her ideas are great! Her blog is mostly reflective, and contains posts discussing the demands, thoughts, tools, and projects that make up her work life. One of her posts from earlier in the year caught my eye, “Twitter Boot Camp.” I just started my own class Twitter page, and the information Mrs. Whitehead provides is a comic and a link to guide educators through the social media website. I wish her blog was easier to comb through, more tags and menus to find posts, but most of what you will stumble upon is great!


So the Twitter comic from the last review originally came from this website. Gwyneth Jones, The Daring Librarian, is a technology advocate and a leader in instructional technology. Her blog is a haven for those looking to integrate technology into their classroom. Her most recent post, “Say Yes! To a School Instagram!” showcases her commitment to connecting teachers with technology. She has posts about Twitter, Facebook, even blogging! A lot of educator and librarian blogs simply say “hey this is a good idea! Try it!” Mrs. Jones goes the extra mile listing tips for using the program, providing information on how to be an active member of the technology’s community, and giving specific step-by-step instructions. The blog is easy to navigate and visually pleasing; you won’t be bored on this site. If you haven’t visited this website, you’re missing out.

One thought on “Looking to My Future: Librarian Blogs

  1. Teen Librarian Tool Box has already help me find an awesome website to discover new graphic novels. Manga and graphic novels are super popular at my middle school and it seems like we cannot purchase enough of them. This blog will be a great tool for me to reference whenever I need help getting over the “what-books-do-we-buy-brain-block.” Not to mention it will keep my own reading list filled up for the summer too!


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