How to create stories on the web!

Have you ever been to It’s amazing! It’s an online tool that assists in the creation of stories. It’s great for educators, and in the screen-cast and sample assignment below, I outline how someone might use this website in the classroom. I decided that it would be a great idea to use this website for the narrative assignments that I use every year in my classroom. The assignment I focused on in both the screen-cast and the student sample is an assignment called “Time Lapse Narrative.” It is aligned with both HCPSS Reflections: Past to Present unit, and is aligned with Maryland Common Core Standard W3 for 9th and 10 grades. Even though I created the screen-cast for teachers, and would use it in a PD or meeting, I could also show it to my students. I clearly shows them what I see as an educator, so no funny business, and the basics on how to use the website. I hope you enjoy my screen-cast and student sample!!!

My screencast on

My completed student sample


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